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ANGLE Gentleman Mug

ANGLE Gentleman Mug

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[Minoyaki] ENNUI MUG GENTLEMAN *Mug* Made in Japan

Size:Φ74 x W100 x H74mm

Angle is a new way of making things from a new point of view that changes its shape and fits in with our lives.

We aim to create creative products by examining pottery born from local techniques and history from various perspectives (=ANGLE).

They are Japanese things, but at the same time, they look like foreign things. It looks like foreign tableware, but has some Japanese taste.

By developing products that fit the modern lifestyle and interior design, we hope to make Japanese-made products more familiar to you, and to make you use them longer and more deeply, while at the same time conveying the "things" born in Japan, and the "things" within them.



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