Humble Starts Parklet Pop-up

A humble space offered by Nikoniko Gifts to Asian artisans and brands all year round free of charge to promote cultural and economic development support.

How to Inquire for Booking

1. We want to know YOU and your story! Tell us your brand name and a little bit about your brand! Provide any photos, social media, website links that may help provide examples of your products/work!

2. Check the calendar and provide 3 options of dates and times you'd like to have your pop-up! We can fit 2 vendors in the parklet on the same day, so if you see 1 vendor booked, you can still request it for the same date. You can book for as long or short as you'd like during business hours.

Please note, two 4ft fold out tables, one 3ft square table, stools and a bluetooth speaker are provided. Table covers are not provided.